Dynamic Auth Token Provisioning

This type is used for devices that connect to the Internet over WiFi and can act as an WiFi Access Point (AP). For example: ESP8266 by Espressif.

Major advantage of Dynamic Auth Token Provisioning is that you don't have to add Auth Token to every device. Everything is handled by Blynk IOT platform.  All you need to do is use the Firmware Template we provide and adapt it for yourself. It's really easy.

How it works for your customers

  1. Your happy customers  open the box with your product. Let's say your product is called myPlant. They turn it on. 
  2. Product immediately turns into a WiFi Access Point (AP) and starts to broadcast the WiFi network with the SSID you preconfigured.  For example, Blynk myPlant .
  3. After users downloaded your app from App Store or Google Play, they create new account and log into your app.
  4. In the app, they will be presented with the Connection Wizard, which will guide them through the steps to connect your product to their home WiFi network and start using it. 

Connection Wizard:

  1. Your customers will choose the WiFi network they want to connect the product to (for example, their home WiFi network) and input password.  
  2. Then they will connect their smartphones to the WiFi network your product broadcasts. For example: Blynk myPlant.
  3. After that, Device Provisioning Process will start.

During this process:

  1. Smartphone passes WiFi credentials to the device.
  2. Smartphone requests new Auth Token from Blynk Cloud and also passes it to the device.
  3. This data is stored in the device's memory (EEPROM).
  4. Device automatically reboots. 
  5. Device uses the stored WiFi credentials to connects to the user's WiFi network. It no longer acts as an Access Point.
  6. Device uses the stored Auth Token to connect to Blynk Cloud.
  7. Your customers can enjoy using your product.

How to include Dynamic Auth Token Provisioning to your App

First of all, you should check out the demo app (from Google Play or from iTunes) we built to show you how Dynamic Auth Token Provisioning works.

Blynk.Inject™ workflow consists of 2 components: Mobile App Connection Wizard: to simplify life for your customers, and Firmware, to process the data coming from the app during provisioning.

Mobile App Connection Wizard 

You can relax and forget about it. You don't have to design anything.

User Experience and Visual Design for iOS and Android is already made for you by us. You will just need to input the name of your product and you are all set. 

Note: Copytexts can be modified and translated to different languages. Please contact us at blynk.io if you need that.


Please follow this guide to adapt it for yourself.


If you have any questions - contact us or post to our forum.

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