Blynk is FREE to download and use.

All you need to do is create an account in our app.

Download:  Blynk for Android or Blynk for iOS.

Blynk is made with ❤️ in New York, Kiev and Berlin by a small team of passionate people that work every day without weekends to bring you the best mobile app for IOT. 

We value open-source movement and contribute a lot to community of makers and developers.

Blynk team brings you:

  • FREE mobile apps;
  • Unlimited FREE access to Blynk Cloud;
  • Open-Source Blynk Server that can be installed locally;
  • FREE and open-source libraries for more than 400 hardware models;

Support Blynk Development

Although Blynk is free to download and try, you can support platform development when your projects grow bigger.  

In Blynk everything runs on ⚡️Energy

  • When you create New Account, you get  ⚡️2,000 to start experimenting;
  • Every Widget needs some Energy to operate. For example Button Widget requires ⚡️200 Energy;
  • When you delete a Widget - energy is returned in full;
  • ☝️ There are a few features, like Sharing, when Energy is not returned. You will be always warned in this cases;

When you run out of Energy - you can always purchase more. Open the Widget Box → there you will see your Energy balance an a +ADD button:

😍 If you like Blynk, and would like to see new widgets, features and other awesome ideas – support us by making your first ⚡️Energy purchase.

👍 There are NO hidden payments or recurring payments

If you have questions or something is not working, visit our 👥
community page.

Also, full 📗 documentation is here.

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