How Blynk Works

Blynk is the most user-friendly Internet of Things Platform. 

Blynk works best over the Internet, but you can also use Bluetooth and USB. 

It can display sensor data, it can control hardware remotely,  it can store data, visualize it and do many other cool things.

What do I need to Blynk?

👉 Hardware

Blynk works with over 400 different hardware models 

Any Arduino, ESP8266, NodeMCU, SparkFun, Particle Photon and Electron and many others.

⚙️ You can find a full list of supported hardware here

👉 Connectivity

Blynk was designed to work over the Internet. 

Hardware you choose should be able to connect to the Internet. In case your hardware doesn't have any included connectivity, you can use shields (Ethernet, WiFi, GPRS, etc) or connect over Bluetooth and USB

👉 Smartphone with Blynk app installed 

We have apps for Android and iOS 

This is all you need to use Blynk. 


If you have questions or something is not working, visit our 👥 community page.

Also, full 📗 documentation is here.

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