Static Auth Token Provisioning is used for devices that connect to the Internet over the Ethernet, cellular networks and other connectivity types.

☝️ In this workflow, every product you deliver to the customer will be pre-flashed with Auth Token.

How it works for your customers:

  1. Your happy customers open the box with your product;

  2. Every product comes with the QR code. It can be printed and put into the box, or can be sent over email as a .png image;

  3. After your customers downloaded your app from App Store or Google Play, they create new account and log into your app;

  4. From there they can scan the QR code;

  5. Your app scans the code and saves the Auth Token on the smartphone;

  6. Now smartphone talks to the device with the same Auth Token;

How to include Static Auth Token Provisioning to your App

  1. You use regular Blynk code and library to develop firmware;

  2. You request a number of Auth Tokens from Blynk. Contact us at Let's say you have 1,000 devices. Then you would need to request 1,000 Auth Tokens;

  3. We provide you with a list of Auth Tokens. Every Auth Token is associated with the QR code image. You get an archive with PNG images of QR Codes + Auth Tokens;

  4. You would need to flash every new hardware with the Auth Token from the list we provided;

  5. Before you send the product to your customers, print QR codes and place them in the package box, or send them over email. Whatever is more convenient for you;


If you have any questions - contact us or post to our forum.

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