What information about the issue we need

In order to fix issue as soon as possible we need to understand it and have all the information about the environment in which it was observed. If you found a bug, incorrect behavior of application/hardware or you have any other difficulties please send us:

- issue name

- the detailed description of the issue (including the summary, the OS version, phone / board model, IDE / Blynk library version / Core version of your board)

- steps to reproduce this issue

- actual and expected results

- Logs / Serial Monitor Output / Screenshots / Video / Sketch / Credentials (depending on a type of issue, we may need additional information to better understand it)

Without this information there is no viable way for us to investigate and fix any issue.

It will also be extremely useful if you can add information like whether the issue is reproducible in another OS / board / Internet environment, etc. This will narrow down the issue, reduce communication and speed up the fix by times.


The detailed description of the issue: Android application does not send value "255" after clicking on the "Styled Button" widget.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open Blynk app

2. Log in to account: test@email.com [blynk-cloud.com server]

3. Open and run the project [QR-code]

4. Click on the Styled Button widget [Vpin5]

Actual Result: LED[Vpin5] does not change its state.

Expected Result: LED in the project should turn ON.

App logs and bare-minimum sketch are attached to the email.

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