This article will help you with the creation of your Preview Application and will tell you the main points that you should pay attention to.
To create an Preview Application you need to have at least one project that will be used in this Preview Aplication.

👉 Read more about how to create a projects

After creating a project, you need to open the last window in the list of your projects and click "My Apps":

After opening the "My Apps" section, the Wizard will automatically open to help you configure your Preview Application:

To complete the creation of your Preview Application, you just have to go through several steps of the Wizard and select the desired settings for the Preview Application.

The main settings of your Preview Application


App Name
Any application must have a name. In this article, you can find small recommendations on the choice of names for applications.

App Icon
We provide a small test set of icons for your application. Preview Application will allow you to see this icon on the start page:


You can choose a Dark or Light theme for your Preview Application:



Using the color picker you can choose a color for your Preview Application:



On this screen you select the necessary project on the basis of which your Preview Application will be created. Keep in mind that the Preview Application you create and this project will become interconnected.

By activating Blynk.Faces, you can select several projects at once that will be used in your Preview Application.
You can add new projects, but you can not remove them from the Preview Application.


On the last screen you need to choose the type of provision:

 👉 Read more about how Provisioning works.


As a result, you will receive a Preview Application based on the selected project(s). Please feel free to create Previews Application. You can create different combinations of settings and select the most convenient for you.

Click on the icon of your Preview Application to open it:

Using this window you can go directly to the settings of the Preview Application or run it to see how your application will work for your users.

We recommend checking how device provisioning works and if all operations with your device are available. If you decide to publish your app - sign up here.

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